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Effectiveness of virtual-reality as an additionnal tool in Physical Therapy

With Kiki Coppelmans, Physiotherapist and VR specalist
Une femme dans des lunettes de RV

Virtual reality has been changing physical therapy. This new technology offers new opportunities for both the therapist and the patient. Routine therapy can be laborious or even cumbersome: many repetitive exercises and few variations can even discourage patients from prolonging care.

With VR, the session turns into a game, without losing the effectiveness of rehabilitation or even with improving it.

Virtual reality therapy also enhances empowerment as patients can do their exercises from the comfort of their home, and under the supervision of their physical therapist.


All sessions are analyzed and give a valuable report allowing the physical therapist to see how the patient is progressing with regard to care.


This June 7th , Kiki Coppelmans, Physical Therapist, will show us how virtual reality improves the rehabilitation of millions of patients in many areas of the profession.

Where and when: In visioconference, Tuesday the 7th of June at 7 p.m.
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